Sunday, April 7, 2013

General Conference.

There's nothing like being going to the conference center to hear the prophet and apostles speak.
I'm too lucky a friend of mine had an extra ticket.
My favorite part? When the prophet walks into the room.
Everyone stands, and the room falls still. You could hear a pin drop.
It gives me chills every time, he's such a great man.

I have loads of notes from the session,
so I thought I'd limit myself to my favorite quotes from my favorite talk.
No surprise they're from Jeffrey R. Holland right?

-Hold fast to the ground you've already won, hold fast to what you already know.
-In this church what we know will always trump what we don't know.
-Imperfect people is all god has ever had to work with..That must be terribly frustrating to him, but he deals with it..So should we.
-Do not be afraid to ask for help, God will send help from both sides of the veil.
-Belief is a precious word, and an even more precious act.
-Fan the flame of your faith, for all things are possible.

joseph memorial building

Salt Lake City Temple


 John 14: 6

my ticket

happy sunday friends

p.s. I believe the church is true


  1. your pictures are beautiful! i loved elder holland's talk-so powerful!

  2. Really beautiful pictures! So glad you got to go and have that great experience :)


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