Thursday, March 21, 2013

I'm in a funk

a blogging funk that is.

I apologize. I literally feel bad like everyday.
I get a follower, and I want to say "sorry if you're dissapointed, I've been a sucky blogger lately."
(especially this past week.)

In my defense, I got food poisoning, have been up to my neck in articles, and books on "how to not go crazy working with 15 five year old's", and making lots of photo plans.

I'm doing a craft with a dear friend of mine tomorrow, and hopefully I'll be able to share soon.
And my sister in law is going to have her baby by early next week.
basically exciting things are coming. and i'm excited.

as always,
love you girls, you keep me young. 


  1. We all go through funks. Grace abounds!

    1. Thanks lauren!

      Fellow blogger support is always welcome! :)

  2. Oh hey you're the greatest blogger I know so no worries. Love you lady!

  3. It happens to everybody. Don't feel bad.


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