Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Don't read this if your prone to judgment.

i have a right sided brain. 
i'm creative. imaginative. general. intuitive. conceptual. big picture. empathetic. and irregular.
(very accurate right brain description found via the internet)

so if you can believe it? I'm messy. messy. messy. messy.
I'm working hard not to be, but sometimes it escalates. and I lack the motivation to get it all together.
that's why I'm telling you. hoping it leads to motivation. 
my room is a joke right now. literally sometimes i laugh and sigh to myself because it's so ridiculous. 

Why is it so messy you ask?
1. I try on 2-5 outfits everytime i get dressed.....and don't put away failed attempts.
2. I don't mind folding laundry? but putting it away is a different story
3. I really like "things" and have way too many of them. 

i plan on having it all done by Saturday morning.
we'll see how it goes.  

wish me luck. sorry i'm a slob. 

xo, rach

p.s. I want Lindsey to win the bachelor


  1. Okay, all of the three things you listed are true for me, as well. In fact, I'm doing laundry right now - - Mark and I have a deal that whoever folds it, doesn't have to put it away. It's the only way to motivate me to fold, ha ha. And I'm rooting for Lindsey, as well...although I was team Ashley and am still getting over that blow.

  2. I am the same way. I just tell myself that it's because I'm creative..right??? Those people that are creative AND organized..no. just go home. haha good luck on your cleaning extravaganza!

  3. You know that I always judge you and your messiness.
    But you're still my friend.

  4. See, I'm the opposite. I hate folding clothes, but don't mind putting thema way. But you have total agreement from me on those other two points!


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