Saturday, February 23, 2013

"I am mine" Tshirt

One day a long time ago I  did a post featuring a song by Brooke Waggoner called "I am mine."

This song...I'm wildly obsessed with it.
I listen to it at least every other day.
It's one of those songs that just fills me up,
and makes me feel...understood.
(does anyone have a grater, cause i have cheese.)
but seriously. i love it.
so much, that i made a tshirt.


T shirt
Freezer Paper
Fabric Paint
Exacto Knife (or major scissor skills)
A paint brush (I used a small sponge brush)

1. First draw, or trace your design onto your freezer paper.
2. Cut out the design with your exacto knife
3. Iron the freezer paper down onto your t shirt
(and put something between your shirt, so the paint doesn't bleed through)
4. Paint it in. Let it dry.
5. Pull of the freezer paper & be awesome

xo, rach


  1. i love this! such a cool and personal shirt.

  2. Just bought freezer paper so I can start to tackle projects like this one. Your t-shirt turned out great!


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