Sunday, February 24, 2013

I'm destined to never have long hair.

I haven't had long hair in 7 years.
(long time right?)
this is tiny, 8th grade, long haired, brace face, arcade dweller, me.

I would lllllooooovvveeee to grow out my hair again, but two problems.

1. Curly hair gets pretty damaged from flat irons (who knew?)
2. And i'm REALLY impatient.
I guess I'm looking for advice?

Any curly hair ladies out there with experience to share? 
Hair trend predictions for 2013 you could let me in on?
And heavy bangs? Opinions?

I'm very divided about whether to chop it, or trim it.
I'll keep you posted.

xo, rach


  1. I have the exact same problem, so that is why my hair will never be longer than my shoulders :(

    1. Rach you are soo cute like all the time! my sister in law has long curly hair and has been learning some new ideas for ways to treat it and style it. I can totally ask her for some tips for you! miss you lots

  2. One time...I knew that little 8th grader......


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