Wednesday, September 19, 2012

leaves are a changin'

fall, definitely my favorite season.
the beautiful colors in all the trees.
all the yummy pumpkin and apple treats.
thanksgiving? halloween?
probably mostly cause I adore layering my clothes. they make me feel way pretty.
I have a thing for jackets, cardigans, chunky scarves, and knitted headbands.
I thought I'd share one of my favorite outfits for this autumn time.
(secretly, i only picked this picture cause my bum looks good. right? right.)

I'm proud to say my necklaces and shoes are the only things I bought full price.
I got my jacket (6$), pants (8$), and backpack (3$) at the D.I.
My flannel shirt is a hammy down from my lovely sister in law.
And I bought my earrings (3$) at an antique store.

nothing brightens my day more then a good deal.

Have you found any good deals lately? Tell me about them.

xo, rach

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