Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Friends and babies.

I have a friend named Kelsey.
We went to middle school and high school together!
Now she's married and having a baby!  I'm sooo excited for her!

Me and Benjamin were lucky enough to shoot her maternity pictures.
It was too fun, and I love the final products of it all.
I thought I'd share.
Hope you like 'em!

Baby toms. Obviously I couldn't get enough!

Seriously. I totally want to go buy some baby shoes. 

I think this one is so sweet. Showing off their baby boy while hugging. Aw I love it. 

This is definitely one of my favorites. 

And This one (hint: look at the shadow)

But mostly this one, cause I think its hillarious. 

Let me know what you think!!



  1. I love love love the photos with the Toms
    I about died.

    totes pinning it.

  2. Awesome photo shoot Rach! Super impressed :)

  3. I am not usually a fan of maternity shoots, but I really like these! Good job. :) Cute blog, too.

  4. Hi guys! Thanks for all the kind words! :) I'm glad you like them!


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