Sunday, January 12, 2014

Saturdays rambles

I've almost been blogging for two years I think. I could check, but I'm on my cell phone and don't have the energy to navigate the web on this little screen. 
Blogging has been quite the journey sometimes it leaves me feeling fulfilled and accomplished and other times I definitely feel inadequate. I feel that people that blog have beautiful cultured interesting lives and my life, while beautiful is usually far from cultured or interesting.

I occasionally find my self saying that I need to do things worth blogging about.....but then this all becomes a chore, and chores are never fun. 
I haven't written down any resolutions this year, but I've thought about them a lot and one idea that keeps coming to my head is just working on becoming more me? Stopping myself from making compromises about who I am, quirks and things, to please others.

I'm weird and boring, occasionally dirty minded, sort of clever. Over sensitive and a bit defensive. Creative, minus a lot of creative talent. Sentimental, and loyal. Skeptical. Scatter brained. I like to take selfies of pointless things. I'm hopeful and cautious, definitely more hopeful. Sensitive. And scatter brained. 

Tonight I saw a movie with my friend Ali. It was the loveliest movie, the kind of movie that makes you want to be in love. Or fall deeper in love than you already are. Oh and it was 'Her.' 

I also drove to a look out near my house and looked over the city lights while listening to my favorite music thinking and hoping about all the love I'll one day fall into. 

I ended the night by sitting on the kitchen floor eating ice cream with my dog. 

Well that was all just a lot? I'm not sure where it all came from...but seriously, the selfie thing though.

I'm going to sleep now, have a great night. 

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