Monday, January 28, 2013

DIY Flower Headband

Remember these pictures? these ones, right here.
Well I made that cute little hair piece I'm wearing, and I wanted to share.

Materials: 3 shades of felt, yarn, hot glue, and scissors.

First. cut out some little flower, circle, and leave shapes.

Second. take your circles, and glue in half, and in half.

Third. glue your folded circles to the middle of your flower, and your leaves to bottom.

Fourth. thread your yarn close to the middle of the flower.
p.s. i pulled my yarn apart, so it wasn't so thick.

Fifth. I attached a bobby pin to each end of my string of flowers and put in my hair.
(I found I had more control over how it laid, rather than putting it on elastic or something like that.)

As always, I hope it all makes sense :)
And I hope you like it.

xo, rach

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