Wednesday, November 28, 2012

See ya later Logan town.

So I'm moving.
(p.s. i moved like 3 months ago, if you didn't know)

It's way crazy. and weird.
and im excited. and sad.
and it's just not real.

Last night was my last night in this town i've grown to love.
I went walking through my favorite part of town,
and "cleaned the sink" with my favorite Logan people.
Here are the picture's of my last logan day.

i blinked, but then i really liked it. 

the mustache on my car needs replacing. 

my favorite logan back alley

fuchsia lips

floral oxfords make for pretty days..and pictures. 

love this crazy crew. 

tons of ice cream. in fact, a sink full. 

i didn't mean to really lick it, it just happened.
(photo bombs, classic roommates)

Thanks Logan. 

love, rachel

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  1. I have never 'cleaned the sink' in Logan but it looks like such a fun thing to do with a bunch of people :) I am excited to hear about where you end up next :)


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