Friday, November 2, 2012

free font friday + photography

Three Things.
1. I'm so glad it's friday. Halloween via a daycare is exhausting. 
This week has been never ending.

2. Remember this post? Well here's another one of our favorite's.
It has a dark, tim burton-y feel to it. Twistedly pretty.
Big thanks to the best friend behind the camera, and willing friend in front of it.

3. Free font friday...I love it today. It's so random but great. 
And I usally refrain from posting dingbats, but I love this one. :) 


I woud love for you to share this picture on your blog? If you could keep it to just the picture (not the actual font links) and put a link to my page so I can also get traffic for my hard work I would thoroughly appreciate it! Thanks for using blog etiquette 

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