Wednesday, October 31, 2012

this is halloween.

Can you even believe it? This year is speeding by at an incredible rate.
Costumes? I made mine. I couldn't find a dress to use...
So naturally I turned to the DI
I bought a XXL mens shirt, tailored the arms, dyed the fabric, and painted on apples.
ohh and I sewed our ears and tails.
I'm pretty proud, if you can't tell.
Anyways here is me and the best friend in our costumes!

I hope you all have lovely halloween's and I'll see you tomorrow.
There are big things coming...big things. (okay, not that big, just mostly fun)
xo, rach

p.s here's the before of my dress
fun transformation right?


  1. We LOVE Fantastic Mr. Fox! This is so sweet!

  2. i love this costume. this is what i wanted to dress up as, but we had no where to go so we didn't dress up and now i'm really sad. maybe next year.



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