Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Me, the wall, and 6 rolls of washi tape. p.s. my giveaway.

My apartment. Looks like an apartment.
I really wanted to make it look so homey,
decorating, its among my favorite things to do.

So I found this via pinterest.
and decided to put a spin on it.
I used some floral and striped washi (craft) tape by recollection, that I bought at michaels!
(i literally can't find any online, but they have tons at michaels)

Here's before....

 and here's after :)
It was so easy.
All I did was stretch the tape from one end of the wall to the other,
and measure 10 inches in between each stripe. :)

I'm thoroughly excited about it :)
although.....I know it's meant for paper crafts, so occasionally the edges would come off a little. 
To get the edges to stay I used a glue stick?
Something that would hold well enough to keep it on, but weak enough we could take it off. 
Other than that I'm sooooo happy with the outcome!! 

GIVEAWAY? It ends tonight, so don't forget to enter. Thanks for all of you who have entered!! :)
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xo, rach


  1. Uh. This is straight up GENIUS. I never, ever would of thought to do this, but it looks incredible.

  2. What a cute idea! It really spices things up!

  3. Way cute! It looks way more complicated =)


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