Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Netflix, we're good friends.

Seriously. I've gotten to know netflix pretty well.
my down fall? tv shows.

i've watched all the episodes of greys anatomy.
how i met your mother.
life unexpected.
9 lives of chloe king.
parks and recreation.
saved by the bell.
the wonder years.
drop dead diva.
better off ted.
the walking dead.
jane by design.
the first season of 90210 (the new one...)
and i'm in my second season of felicity.
(which by the way, is like the greatest show ever. YAY 90's!)

yeah. i am highly aware i have a problem.
the problem being..im running out of good shows to watch.
what are your favorite shows on netflix? I could definitely use some recommendations.

p.s. im on vay-cay in the colorado this week.
so pardon me if blogging takes a back seat for a few days.

I hope you're having a looovvveeelllyyyyy week.

xo, rach


  1. DUDE, same thing here. Especially being inside with Lincoln all day, Netflix is my salvation. I'm currently working my way through How I Met Your Mother. I'm a huge nerd, so first I went through all the old Buffy the Vampire Slayers, Doctor Who (it takes a while to get into, but then you realize you're suddenly another member of the cult), rewatched Firefly, and Sherlock (it's seriously crazy awesome). Also worked my way through Parks and Rec (love it!), Pawn Stars, The IT Crowd (serious language, though), Foyle's War (if you like murder mysteries, it's really good), and North & South (if you like Pride and Prejudice, it's like that). And many others. If you like musicals, my favorite one ever is up right now, Into the Woods. I LOVE fairy tales, though, so . . . yeah. But it gets a bit dark, just to warn you.

    Man, I seriously need a life.

  2. Watch The Glades. Its a homicide detective show with a romantic interest. The main dude, Jim is FINE.
    Pretty Little Liars is really good. A mystery/stalker kind of a show.
    30 Rock is good,
    The secret life of the american teenager is NOT good.
    Samantha Who is alright,
    SWITCHED AT BIRTH is a drama with a deaf twist. You get addicted quick to that one.
    Raising Hope,
    and Kyle XY (that is a tender one for me because I fell so in love with it so quickly only to go through all the seasons and learn that it ends at a life-shattering cliffhanger and there are no more episodes..)

    Some Movies that are shockingly good, The Ramen Girl, My Fake Fiance, and Love Wedding Marriage (mostly just because of Kellan), Where the Heart is, and Killers (if you haven't already seen that one)

    So yeah. That's my entire Netflix experience minus The Office (which I'm sure you've already seen) and 6 out of the 13 you've already put on your list.
    Have fun!

  3. A couple of years ago I got to watch all three seasons of Veronica Mars and it's most definitely one of the greatest most addictive shows available.. hopefully it's still an instant view. If it isn't, you should try to get the discs! I second The IT Crowd.. really great British comedy. I also really enjoyed Torchwood.. it's a Doctor Who spinoff, but a bit edgier (IMO). And, Party Down is GREAT.. only two short seasons, but still soooo funny!

  4. I just wanted to pop by and say Hi and I love your blog! I came across it via Pinterest and love everything about it! I'm definitely a follower now =) If you have a chance, stop on over at my end of the internet to take a look around!



  5. i am a new lover of your blog and have to admit i have an addiction with netfix as well! try private practice it is a spin off of greys anatomy! and also pushing daisies, life, bones, raising hope, and i know i have watched many more good ones but those are some of my favorites! :)

  6. FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS!!! Best.show.ever!!


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