Sunday, March 18, 2012


1. When I listen to a song I love while driving home and I know I won't finish it before I pull in the driveway, I will make laps around my neighborhood singing my heart out until the song is over...and again if the next song is super good too.
2. Me and Ben named our ukulele clementine after "Clementine" By Sarah Jaffe...cause it's slightly orange.
3. I could literally eat a grilled cheese for every meal; preferably from chili's, sonic, or zupas.
4. Most of my pajamas look like they are made for babies, onsies and thermals, and I'm not at all ashamed.
5. I love my dog gunner, especially cause he has a snaggle tooth.
6.  I grew up in a house full of boys, and therefore eat like one.
7. I add instant pudding into all my cake batter's.
8. I refuse to own a twitter account, although sometimes I'm tempted when I want to change my status on Facebook, but just did 15 minutes prior...
9. I prefer "terrible two's" to babies I could never have a conversation with.
10. I own more nail polish then the average girl, but rarely paint my nails.
11. I listen to Lullaby by Matt Costa every night to put me to sleep.
12. I can't eat beans, or baked potatoes with out a heap of sour cream.
13. One of my greatest wishes is one day to be a girls camp director.
14. I buy ugly shirts and sew flowers on them.
15. I talk to Ben everyday, probably cause he's my best friend.

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