Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I'm 21 now.

it's been a whole two days.
it freaks me out. 
I feel like I need to go out and start living my life.
but I'm not sure what to do exactly. 

I've been saying "I'm only 20. there's no rush"
but now I'm 21, and even though I'm still a baby, I am starting to feel the pressure.
the pressure of finishing school.
and choosing a career that I can support a family with.
putting a ring on this 'ole finger of mine. 

but heaven knows im not ready for any of that. 

I've learned a lot this past year.
a lot of really hard, heart breaking, knock you down lessons.
but I think thats becoming the difference lately.
I'm not just making mistakes, but finally learning from them.
hopefully i'll start learning a bit faster.

I'm very thankful for all the people I have in my life.
I am more blessed than I could have ever hoped to be. 
I have the worlds best family, seriously, they're amazing. 

I'm growing up. Slowly, but surely. 

Happy Tuesday Guys.

wow. this post turned out to be a lot more serious than i had originally planned.
yeah, thats all. 


  1. Happy Birthday!! Hope it's perfect. I turn 21 on Thursday. ANd I totally feel the same way. haha!


    1. Thanks so much amanda! ha and your already more grown up than me all married and what not!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! It is a lot of fun. I decided after my birthday that 22 is when you are actually expected to be grown up. I turn 22 in a month. I now think 23 is when your supposed to be grown up. lol =]


    1. Thank you emily! haha I think i'll follow your logic on growing up, and postpone it for a few years!

  3. Happy Birthday! There is no rush, youre still super young {= Enjoy!


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