Thursday, March 14, 2013

DIY Vintage Light Switch Plate

I met up with my fellow blogger friends Arielle and Brittney
We decided to do a craft, and through pinterest inspiration, this is what we did!

Before & After

1. First find a pretty plate(s). We got ours, under a dollar each, at thrift stores like D.I. and savers!

2. Triple bag them up? and slam them on the concrete. I was so nervous for this step, just because the plates even sliding in the car was sending chills in my spine. But it was easier, and a lot more fun then I thought it'd be!

3. We laid down our china pieces in a pan, for easy sorting, and picked out the pieces we wanted to use! (obviously, be carefully not to cut yourself up)

4. Next, lay down a patter then glue away. We used hot glue, but a few of my pieces have already been bumped I say SUPER GLUE! :) 

here are the final results. 

xo, rach


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